August, 2014

Minutes from EHSC Monthly Meeting – August 4, 2015

  • Draft
    • Draft was held on 7/27/15
      • Teams are all set
      • Division 5 Boys and Division 8 Girls are short teams and coaches
      • Asked those in attendance to recommend others that may want to coach
    • Some team consolidation still to come
      • Div 8 Girls, Div 5 Boys, Div 3 Girls
    • Question about older Girls (Division 8)
      • Have an offer to partner with Fairfield and other towns to form a Travel and Rec type program
      • With only 3 teams, having games against other towns that are in same situation may make sense
      • Decision has to be made by the week of 8/24
    • For other Divisions with odd amount of teams, there will be 1 game and 1 bye each week
      • More practice
  • Travel Report – Gino Casteneda
    • Preliminary Flighting has been posted
    • Teams can accept or request a change by 8/15/15
    • Season starts on Sunday, 9/13/15
    • Thee full schedule will be out by the end of August
    • Teams
      • Have 6 Girls Teams and 2 Boys Teams
    • Travel Players are not required to play Rec
      • May need to change this next year
    • The EHSC has paid the fee to league for all teams
  • Referee Report – Chris Tate
    • Organizing list of Refs in month of August
    • New Referee Training is planned before play starts
    • Flaggers can start in 6th Grade
    • Referees are 7th Grade and Up
  • Practice
    • Fields are open for practice starting the week of 8/17/15
    • Coaches will be notified of their teams no later than Friday, 8/14/15
    • Coaches are asked to notify their players and families during week of 8/17/15 at latest
  • Sponsorship and Pictures - Fernando
    • Sponsors
      • It is not too late to get sponsors
      • Looks like we may have more sponsors than teams
      • Could offer signage sponsor to some sponsors




  • Pictures
    • Pictures Day is planned for Saturday, September 26th
    • Same format as last year, including Travel teams
    • Time will be from 7:30 to 2 PM
  • Columbus Day Parade
    • Sunday, 10/11/15
    • There will be an EHSC Parade Float
    • Coaches have to be on with players
  • TGIF Fundraiser
    • Details on a 3-day fundraiser event will be distributed
    • Event is planned for sometime in October
  • Opening Day Festivities
    • Considering a parade for Saturday, September 12th, but nothing planned yet
  • Equipment – Joe Peluso
    • Will be handed out in the next few weeks
    • Need to purchase first aid kits and ice packs
  • CTO Update – Andy Liebhauser
    • EHSC and EH Knights of Columbus Council 6504 are partnering on a Soccer Kick Challenge
      • Will be held on Saturday, September 19th with a Rain Date on Saturday, October 3rd
      • Timing for the event will from 9 AM to 2 PM
      • Would like to have sign-ups by Saturday, September 12th (Opening Day)
      • Andy to follow-up with each coach
      • Forms will be distributed to each coach when equipment is picked up
    • Dicks and Sports Authority EHSC Promotions
      • Links on website and email blasts will be sent in the next 2 weeks
  • Admin
    • Open Board Position for Recording Secretary
      • Danielle Rubinetti has volunteered
      • Motion was made and 2nd done
    • Next Meeting is scheduled for Wed, September 9th
      • 8 PM at Rinaldi Center


Ackerman Services

A. Molly Company

Avellinos Pizza & Grille

Over the Rainbow Children's Center

Don Jose Mexican Restaurant

Clean Cut Flooring

Dick's Sporting Goods

Schumacher Chevrolet

Coccia Real Estate Group, LLC

Dancing with Danielle

East Hanover PBA Local #227


The Godfather of East Hanover

Peluso Home Improvement, Inc.

National Building Supply

Zeifman Orthodontics

Posture Perfect Chiropractic

Caravella Demolition

Piemonte & Liebhauser, LLC

Frankly Financial

East Hanover Fire Department