EHSC Monthly Meeting - March, 2016 - Meeting Minutes

East Hanover Soccer Board – Meeting Minutes from Meeting on 3/1/16

  • Attendees
    • Board
      • Joe Peluso, Andy Liebhauser, Gino Circilli, JP Viegas, Angelo D’Alessio, Gino Casteneda, Marco Martiere,
      • Excused
        • Fernando Oliviera, Chris Tate
    • Coaches/Other
      • Matt Kenny, Gus Politi, Marty Zizza,  Danielle Palmieri, Mrs. Quintella, Mrs. Fusella, Greg Brutofski
  • Rec Soccer in Spring
    • 5 Saturdays starting in April-May, 2016
      • Dates
        • 4/23/16 – 5/21
      • Times
        • Not before 10 AM
          • Going to try and work around other sports (softball, baseball)
      • Grades
        • 1st Grade through 5th Grade
          • Current Grade you are in as of this Spring
      • Cost
        • $60 charge
          • Get a discount to $60 Cost for Fall
      • Fields that can be used
        • 2 at Middle
        • Upper at Central
        • LP 6
      • Trainers
        • This will be run through Coastal
      • Spring Registration
        • Can the system know who signed up in the Spring, 2016
          • So we can isolate/mark for a discount in the Fall, 2016
        • Andy to reach out to Demosphere to confirm
        • Want to open up the Registration by next Friday, 3/11/16
          • Send out Broadcast emails on this
  • Feedback from Coach Danielle Palmieri
    • Would like to try and cultivate Women’s Coaches in the EH Soccer Board
      • Generate an email and perhaps Gina and Danielle can be on Signature
      • Offer a Coaches Clinic, remind them on email
        • Rutgers Training on May 17, 2016 in Florham Park


  • March 14 – Important Date
    • Meeting with Town Council to discuss increase of fields
      • EH Soccer Board would like to have as many attendees there to represent the need for fields
  • Registration for Fall, 2016
    • Opening on May 1, close on July 1, 2016
  • Travel Update (Gino)
    • Preliminary Flighting is on Morris County site
      • Coaches can check and make request for re-flighting and Gino can submit
    • Conflict Forms are due this week
      • Coaches are encouraged to submit
    • Travel Meeting Re-Cap from last week regarding Age Update
    • Tryout Form developed by Gina Liebhauser
      • Not sure if we are doing tryouts yet
      • May want to consider using SDA or Pegasus instead of Coastal as we may get a more objective assessment.  Coastal knows too many kids in town
    • Want to do Tryouts for Fall season, 2016, prior to Memorial Day
      • Look to do on Friday night
    • Flyers will be sent to all schools in town
    • New Boys Team, Ralph Amirata, U9 for the Fall, 2016 Season
      • Need to follow-up with him
  • Updates from other Board Members
    • JP – No
    • Marco – No
    • Andy – Asked about when Registration for Spring, 2016 needs to be launched
    • Angelo –
      • Morris Sign so we can get signs up for May 1st
      • Has list of all sponsors
      • No signs for Spring, 2016 Season
    • Joe Peluso
      • Spikes attached for the Goalpost
      • Try them for the Spring
  • Meeting Closed at 9:15 PM
  • Next meeting is on April 5, 2016 @ 8:15 PM


Ackerman Services

A. Molly Company

Avellinos Pizza & Grille

Over the Rainbow Children's Center

Don Jose Mexican Restaurant

Clean Cut Flooring

Dick's Sporting Goods

Schumacher Chevrolet

Coccia Real Estate Group, LLC

Dancing with Danielle

East Hanover PBA Local #227


The Godfather of East Hanover

Peluso Home Improvement, Inc.

National Building Supply

Zeifman Orthodontics

Posture Perfect Chiropractic

Caravella Demolition

Piemonte & Liebhauser, LLC

Frankly Financial

East Hanover Fire Department