EHSC Monthly Meeting - May, 2016 - Meeting Minutes

East Hanover Soccer Club

May 3, 2016

Monthly Meeting

Board Attendees:                           Gino Circilli, Angelo D’Alessio, Marco Martire, Andy Liebhauser, Chris Tate, Joe Peluso, Gino Casteneda

Members in Attendance:             Dave Schlosser, Gus Politi

Board Members not in Attendance:         JP Viegas, Fernando Oliveira


Meeting Started:             8:30 PM

  • New Business
    • Spring Soccer, 2016
      • 58 Participants
      • Program started on Saturday, 4/23 and ends on Saturday, 5/20
    • Travel Tryouts
      • Paperwork has to be submitted by Friday, 5/6
      • Tryouts will be Friday, 5/13 and Friday, 5/20
    • Photo day for Fall, 2016 is 10/1/16
    • Fall, 2016 Registration will open on Wednesday, 5/4/16
    • DJ Little Rob
      • Do opening weekend and Championship Weekend
        • This was raised by Chris Tate
    • Dan from PESA wants to have a summer camp here
      • EH Recreation mandates that it has to be Age 6 to 14
      • Open to East Hanover Residents
      • Need to have decision by Fri, 5/6/16
    • Marco Martiere raised that Roseland (His brother lives there) has a Soccer Program that ends at 6th grade
      • They are interested in having 12 kids sign-up
      • Spread them across teams
  • President Report
    • Moving of goals for travel on LP6 and Middle
      • Has to be moved back before you leave
      • Coaches at Middle School have been asked to have teams return the goals



  • Lights at Middle
    • Based on feedback from Town Council, the lights have been approved and should by Fall, 2016
  • Draft
    • Planned for 18-25th of July
  • Referee Report (Chris Tate)
    • Wants to schedule dates for Rec Center to hold training classes and sign-ups
    • After 8/5/16, this place is off-limits for a few weeks
    • Chris would like to hold meeting on Saturday, 8/27/16
      • 10 AM – 2 PM
    • EH Firehouse can be used as a backup
  • Equipment Report (Joe Peluso)
    • Question about the stakes
    • Wheels on goals are braking
      • The brackets are breaking
    • Want to bring it to a steel fabricator to get addressed
    • Also want to make sure that tires are all inflated and if no, look to replace tubes
  • Travel Report (Gino Casteneda)
    • All games were played this past weekend
    • Field conditions were better at Middle vs. LP6
    • Tryout Forms are coming in
      • Need to send a Broadcast email later this week on the deadline of Fri, 5/6/16 to get the forms
      • Andy to send to get deadline at 4 PM on May 6th
      • Payment is not needed yet as we are not certain if we will have tryouts
      • 2 Training Organizations have been contracted
      • Tryouts for 5/13 and 5/20
    • Gino has the ice packs for travel coaches should they be needed
    • PCNs for game schedules are due asap
    • ‘F’ License training at 5/20 – 5/21
      • 6:30 – 9:30 PM on 5/20
      • 9:30 – 2 PM on 5/21
      • May conflict with Spring, 2016 session on 5/21, but we can switch fields
  • VP Report (Angelo D’Alessio)
    • Ready to send an email to sponsors
      • Will be sent in the next 1-2 weeks
    • $300 for 1 Team, $500 for two teams
    • Signs are up for Registration
  • Marco Martiere
    • No update


  • CTO Role (Andy Liebhauser)
    • Open Fall, 2016 Registration
    • Review Fall, 2016 Early-Bird
      • Based on Spring, 2016 registration
    • Spring, 2016 Refunds (1)
      • Next Meeting is 6/7/2016
      • Meeting is called at 9:17 PM


Ackerman Services

A. Molly Company

Avellinos Pizza & Grille

Over the Rainbow Children's Center

Don Jose Mexican Restaurant

Clean Cut Flooring

Dick's Sporting Goods

Schumacher Chevrolet

Coccia Real Estate Group, LLC

Dancing with Danielle

East Hanover PBA Local #227


The Godfather of East Hanover

Peluso Home Improvement, Inc.

National Building Supply

Zeifman Orthodontics

Posture Perfect Chiropractic

Caravella Demolition

Piemonte & Liebhauser, LLC

Frankly Financial

East Hanover Fire Department