Requirements for Coaching

The following are the requirements by the Township of East Hanover to coach recreation sports. 

  • Rutgers Saftey Course - Proof of certification of completeing the course.
  • Background check - The attached are the Application and Instructions for background/fingerprint checks and the East Hanover Township Recreation Volunteer Coaches Application. 
    • These 2 documents are mandatory for all coaches and assistant coaches.
    • Needs to be renewed every three years.
  • Concussion Online Course - Link to Course
  • Fill out Kids Safe application - Link to Form

Player Ratings

Please download the player ratings form from here:

1. Rename the form to your div and team # example. Div 3G Team 1 would be:  Ratings3gt1.doc
2. Fill in the player assessment information for each player.
3. Print and bring your ratings to snack bar on Saturdday to receive your trophies and pictures. You will not be given trophies and pictures without handing in a ratings form. Make a copy for yourself in case we need to get another from you.


Codes of Conduct

Dear Member of the East Hanover Soccer Club:
The Board of Directors has recently adopted a new Code of Conduct that applies to both the recreation soccer program and the travel soccer program. The...

Coach and Player Development

The links on the right side of this page are provided as a source of information for East Hanover Soccer Club coaches and players to improve thier effectiveness during practices and games.

No matter what level of license you hold, you should never stop learning. Practices, techniques, gameplay are constantly changing providing you with opportunities to learn and then teach what you have learned. Every coach owes their players a sincere commitment to educate and improve their skills.

Do you use a site not listed on the this page? We welcome your suggestions which you can email to

Background Check Information

Required for all Volunteer Coaches


The NJ State Police have revised the rules and regulations for their background checks for townships. The applicant must contact Sagem Morpho Inc. by calling or going online to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting.


Telephone:     1-877-503-5981
Website Address:
Fee:     $26.50 and must be paid when scheduling appointment
Required Documents:     Universal Fingerprint Form and Photo ID to appointment.






The universal fingerprint form is available at the East Hanover Rec Center or at the following link

Background Check Link

Acceptable ID. Identification must include photo, name, address (home/employer) and date of birth. Acceptable ID must be issued by federal, state, county or municipal entity for identification purposes. The identification presented can not be expired, it must be valid. The ID MUST meet all of the above requirements and MUST be present on one ID. Combinations of documents are NOT acceptable.

Examples of acceptable ID are:

  • Valid photo driver’s license or photo ID issued by a state Department of Motor Vehicles or the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission for identification purposes.
  • Valid Passport