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Codes of Conduct
Dear Member of the East Hanover Soccer Club:
The Board of Directors has recently adopted a new Code of Conduct that applies to both the recreation soccer program and the travel soccer program. The East Hanover Soccer Club expects all players, coaches, parents and spectators to conduct themselves according to the Code of Conduct either during a game, a practice or while performing official Club business.
The first paragraph in the Code of Conduct defines its purpose as follows:
In order to ensure that the principles of sportsmanship, fair play, and mutual respect among players, coaches, officials, and spectators characterize all competition sponsored by the EHSC, the following Code of Conduct has been established. It is the obligation of all program administrators, coaches, parents, and players to create an environment that promotes this objective. Those who willfully violate this code jeopardize their participation in the EHSC soccer program.
We ask that all participants in the program review the Code of Conduct. In addition, Coaches should review the Code of Conduct with their players to ensure compliance. We have already had several players receive yellow cards for inappropriate language. Familiarity with the Code of Conduct should help to avoid these unfortunate events.
The EHSC Board of Directors reserves the right to discipline any member who violates the Code of Conduct including suspension or expulsion from the program.
The Board of Directors, EHSC
Please click continue below to see the full text of the Code of Conduct. Additionally, a PDF version is available here

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