Game Score Reporting - UPDATED FOR 2020

Coaches in Divisions 3B, 3G, 5B, 5G, 8B, 8G should record the game # and score for their records. The winning Coach is responsible for phoning in the correct scores. If there is a tie the home team will call in the score. Please make sure you do so in a timely manner all division standings depend on you entering the correct scores. Right after the game is a perfect time when the score is fresh in your mind. Please follow these instructions to "phone it in":

  1. Access the website
  2. Please have Pin # (3256 for EHSC), Game #, Team Name, Final Score
  3. Click Get Started button at bottom of page
  4. On next page enter Pin (3256) and Game #.  Click Submit at Bottom of Page
  5. On next page, please confirm the Game Details, Dates, etc.  If correct, click Confirm at Bottom of Page.  If incorrect, click Start Over and redo Steps 3 and 4.
  6. On next page, enter score for Team 1 and score for Team 2 then click Submit button.
  7. On next page, confirm the score entered and if correct, click Done.  If it is incorrect, click Begin Process Again.

Remember, you cannot have two games with the same game number (within the same division or across divisions) to use the PhoneItIn system.