Required Player Equipment

The following list of required equipment is provided so you may prepare for the soccer season in advance. Some equipment is provided by the EHSC The remaining you are required to purchase. Please shop early as sports stores often run out of common sizes in late August.

Required equipment provided by the EHSC:

  • Shirt
  • Shorts
  • Socks

Required equipment you must purchase:

  • Soccer Cleats - Cleats must not have a front toe cleat. Baseball cleats or other cleats with a toe cleat are not allowed.
  • Shinguards - To protect your child’s shins and ankles of course.
  • Soccer Ball - size appropriate for your child.
    -  Size 3  -  For grades Kinder through Grade 3.
    -  Size 4  -  For grades 4 through 5
    -  Size 5  -  For Grades 6  & up
  • Safety goggles or sports glasses for those who wear glasses. Proper Eyewear equipment must worn in order to participate in the program. See NJ law details.