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Referee Reminders

The basics, Referees should:

  • Be Professional in Appearance
  • Wear the Referee Shirt
  • Bring
    • Red/Yellow Cards
    • Whistle
    • Flags


  • No Drinks on the field during game
  • Blow the whistle and make calls with Authority
  • Move around the field following the play of the ball
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the rules of the game. 
  • Maintain control of game play. You are the authority figure in the game and all referee decisions on the field are final! Do Not change your decision. Do not be influenced by coaches or board members.
  • Instruct the younger Division 1 & 3 they need to learn the game.
  • Start and end the games on time.
    • You may need to start the clock even if the teams are not ready or reduce the time of the game if necessary to make sure the next game can start on time.
  • Players are not permitted on the field without shin guards and they must be worn under the socks.
  • Consult our Rules & Regulations for division specific rulings as they vary by division.
  • Treat all players, parents and coaches with respect.
    • Yelling at a coach, parent or player is not acceptable referee behavior.
    • If you have a problem with a parent, yellow card the coach by bringing the yellow card out pointing to the parent and handing it to the coach.