Volunteer Needed!

We Need Your Help Filling a Board Position! The Board of Directors of the Club is currently looking to find a qualified person to assume the role of Club Treasurer. There is an urgent need to fill this critical position within the next few weeks.

The Board of Directors is asking your help in identifying this important volunteer. It is necessary that this post be filled in order for the Club to continue to run the Recreation and Travel programs until the end of the year.

The responsibilities of the Treasurer include:

  • - making deposits
  • - cutting checks (for vendors and referees)
  • - maintaining books in quicken
  • - preparing monthly report for the board

The qualified person should possess the following skills:
  • - Familiarity with a basic balance sheet that shows Club revenue and expenses
  • - Some knowledge of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets,
  • - Ability to use Quicken banking software to co nduct on-line transactions, and
  • - Good organizational skills

The town soccer program depends upon volunteers giving their valuable time for the benefit of all the children playing soccer in the program. If you are a qualified person, or know of a qualified person, we hope you will respond back to us as soon as possible.

The current financial records of the Club are up to date and are extremely well organized. Therefore, a person with the right skills should successfully be able to assume the role.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail the Club at the following address: president@easthanoversoccer.org or  call Geri Singer at 973-220-9662

Please note that the position will need to be approved by the current Board of Directors. Thank you for your support and help on this matter.


The Board of Directors, East Hanover Soccer Club